Tuesday, October 14

Sequin Skull T-Shirt

 I found this Sequin skull T-Shirt at Victoria's Secret about a year ago.
A couple of people have asked me to re-create this into a DIY.
Here is my version, Completely no sew.
(* some small hand sewing is Optional)

 Things you need.
  1.  Aleene's Quick dry Fabric glue
  2. Sequin Material* Joann's Fabric
  3. T-shirt
  4. Stencil
  5. Clear contact paper. *Walmart
  6. Scissors
  7. Tulip Fashion Sequins
  8. 2 Rhinestone beads *Optional( Michaels)
I drew this skull stencil and placed clear contact over it then I and cut it out.
* Optional
To make it easier to cut the stencil with the material, 
Spray  a little on the back of your stencil and press onto your fabric.

 Cut it out.
 Place Quick dry Fabric Fusion on the back of your skull.
* I love this stuff.
Press onto shirt
 To add a finished touch,
 I glued some Tulip Fashion Sequins in black all around the edge of the skull.
 Let dry for about 2 hours and you are finished.
( Wait 48 hours before you wash,
and wash in cold water, hang dry.)
 If you want some extra detail, roll up the sleeves 
and hand sew a rhinestone bead on the edge to hold it into place.
 Not only would this be great for Halloween
it is something you could wear all year.
 I hope you all have a wonderful week. 
Lots of <3!
For more of my DIY head over to


Anonymous said...

Very nice, I like things which are making by yourself. greetings from Poland !

WobiSobi said...

Thank you so much.

IamUniquelyImperfect said...

This is fantastic!! Thanks so much for the inspiration! Love it! Love ya' Patricia B

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful post.I like your very much.Thanks again for sharing a wonderful idea with everyone.

Purple Tee Shirt said...

Very beautiful craftsmanship with this design. It looks amazing! -M

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