Saturday, January 31

No-Sew Owl Applique T-shirt

I love the look of fabric applique, but I just don't have time to painstakingly sew an applique to a t-shirt. Aleene's Fabric Fusion to the rescue! I used it to glue an adorable owl print applique on some t-shirts for my son, and it was so quick and easy I just had to share with you!

Project Materials: 
A T-shirt
Fabric with a Cute Print
Aleene's Fabric Fusion
Pinking Shears

How to Make It: 

1. If desired, tie dye your t-shirt first.

(I dyed my t-shirts in a previous crafting session. To find out more about how to do it: tie dye instructions.)

2. With pinking shears, cut out the part of your fabric you want to use as the applique. 

Using pinking shears (those scissors with jagged edges that cut in a zig-zag) will keep your fabric from unraveling, and will make it so you don't need to finish the edge of the fabric.

Tip: If you don't have pinking shears, you can cut out the fabric, then use Aleene's Stop Fraying around the edges of the fabric according to the package directions.

3. Glue the applique onto the t-shirt using Fabric Fusion. Make sure you use glue as close to the applique edges as you can.

Allow the glue to dry according to package directions.

That's it! These appliques hold up very well with hard use (such as a messy baby!) and frequent washings. Our appliqued shirt has been washed many times and is still going strong.

This no-sew fabric applique technique can be used on any fabric surface or clothing item. Think of all the possibilities now that adding a fabric applique is as easy as cutting and gluing. I can't wait to applique all the things!

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