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No-Sew Vest T-shirt: New Life for Old Clothes!

Give new life to old kids' clothes -- No-sew Vest T-shirt

As the mom of four boys, I know how quickly kids can stain, rip, or otherwise destroy their clothes. But just because it's stained or holey doesn't mean you can't remake a clothing item into a great new piece! Combine two or more old pieces to help build a brand new t-shirt. You don't even have to know how to sew.

I took a too-small vest and combined it with a colorful t-shirt to make a new wardrobe staple that I love. Just how easy is it to make this stylin' DIY vest t-shirt?

 Project Materials:
A T-shirt
A Vest
Aleene's Fabric Fusion
Aleene's Fabric Fusion

How to upcycle kids' clothes

How to Make It:

DIY Vest T-shirt Supplies

1. Gather your supplies. You can use an old t-shirt with a rip or stain (just cover the damaged part with the vest), or use a new t-shirt from the dollar store, like I did.

2. Cut the front of the vest off of the back of the vest.
DIY Vest T-shirt
3. You will also want to remove the vest's lining (on the back side of the vest piece) as well as the interfacing (the white netting stuff that is sandwiched in between the front of the vest and the lining.)

Keep the front seams intact on the vest, and just cut around the lining on the back. You might need to cut around parts like buttons or button holes. It's okay if you leave a little of the lining or interfacing.

The point is to remove the extra fabric on the wrong side of the vest so you can be sure that the vest fabric is well-fused to the t-shirt with the Aleene's Fabric Fusion.

DIY Vest T-shirt - remove lining and interfacing from vest

4. Line the inside of the t-shirt with scrap paper to keep the Fabric Fusion from bleeding through and fusing the inside of the shirt together!

5. Lay the t-shirt flat on your work surface, then lay the vest pieces over the t-shirt to determine the placement.

6. Put a good amount of Aleene's Fabric Fusion glue on the back of each vest piece, paying special attention to the edges, then glue vest piece to t-shirt.

DIY Vest T-shirt -

7. Allow glue to dry according to package instructions (about 2-4 hours). When glue is dry, remove the paper insert.

DIY Vest T-shirt

That's all there is to it!

You can use this technique to combine any items of clothing into new and unique pieces. Look through your closet to find old clothing that needs new life: stained, ripped or too-small items that are similar in color or style, or radically different. This is such a fun way to play with fashion design.
DIY Vest T-shirt

We saved this old vest (that was too small to wear) and made it into a new cool shirt that reminds me of something from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Maybe that's because my son just had to pose like this:

DIY Vest T-shirt

Tip: You can also combine your favorite fabrics with clothing to make unique items like this No-Sew Owl Applique T-shirt.

DIY T-shirt Vest

For more dollar store craft ideas, visit me at Dollar Store Crafts.

For more Dollar Store Crafts, visit me at! - See more at:
For more Dollar Store Crafts, visit me at! - See more at:


Heather said...

This is fabulous!! Love that it's no sew!

Hydrangea Hippo - Jennifer Priest said...

Great idea!!!! My son recently grew out of a vest he loves. I am so doing this!

Mary Beth said...

This is awesome! I'll have to do this for my youngest ~ he would love it!

Unknown said...

SO adorable! I'm picturing my little man in a shirt like this already...

kid style said...

Thank you so much for good idea. My son will love it with vest.

Unknown said...

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