Monday, May 11

A weekend in the life of an I LOVE TO CREATE designer

When most people find out that we have people on staff that do all the designs that appear on our web sites, packaging, and displays, they immediately say, "Wow, that must be so cool to get to be creative all day!" It may be a creative job, but like any other job there are tight deadlines and demands! Case in point...check out the "homework" that our designer Allee Marderosian (at right above) took home one weekend in order to have projects ready for a Monday photo shoot!

The driveway is the perfect impromptu spot for drying tie dye! The colors look so vibrant!

Friends who paint together stay together (admittedly, that was really cheesy, but how awesome is it that her friend helped out?. And don't those jeans look fab?

Tulip®, Aleene's® products, and project sketches take over the table! An inexpensive plastic tablecloth made for easy cleanup!

Allee ended up completing the projects in time for the photo shoot and they looked awesome! Great job Allee! The ultimate compliment was when the models at the photo shoot got super excited about the clothes they got to pose in! They wanted to take them home with them!

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