Wednesday, June 3

Meet Madison...a new blogger!

We have a wide range of bloggers here on the team and we'd like to introduce a new blogger to our family...Creativity Confessions!

Creativity Confessions is the blog of Madison Gellar, one of our new team members in our Duncan Ceramics division. Madi is super friendly, smart, and enthusiastic and her energy can be felt throughout the entire building. Her blog definitely shares that same energy!

So, we thought we would ask Madi a few questions to get to better know her, her inspiration, and her style!

What do you hope to achieve with your new blog?
By detailing my adventures into the world of ceramics, I hope to inspire and encourage others who, like me, doubt their artistic abilities and are too intimidated to give ceramics a try!

What's the most exciting thing you've learned about the world of ceramic arts thus far? Is there anything that has surprised you?
I've been surprised by how easy and fun it is! Obviously we have tons of projects for highly talented ceramicists at , but there's also plenty of fun and easy projects for those of us just starting out. Duncan really does make it easy to experience creativity and the excitement of personal accomplishment.

Do you have a favorite product within the Duncan Ceramics line? What is it and why?
So far the Crystals Glazes are my favorite product line. They're super easy to use, and the finished, fired product is so unpredictable and awesome! Each result is different, so you can't really "mess up" with crystals. As a beginner, I like that :)
We hear you are a fashionable gal, what kind of styles and trends are you totally addicted to right now?
I'm totally into "bohemian chic". I love anything from Anthropogie. I would live in their store if I could :) I'm super into tie-dye and ombre tees, especially in this summers' pretty pastel hues.
Are there any ceramic projects on the I love to create web site that you totally love and best represent your personal style -or-- you want to try yourself?
I love the "A Plateful of Peace" project. I think the marbleizing technique is super cool. I think that will be the next one I try. I also love the "Contemporary Cool" collection from the latest bisque brochure, but I'll be awhile before I try that one!

What do you do exactly in your job? Give us a little scoop as to what you do on a day to day basis.
In a nutshell, I do whatever I need to to support and promote the Ceramic side of Duncan Enterprises. That includes helping to develop new products, supporting regional account managers, Duncan Ambassadors, and distributors, helping to develop advertising, pricing, and packaging, and attending various trade shows to promote our awesome Duncan product!

We see that you were really inspired by your first ceramic experience, why do you think you didn't think you were creative and how did it feel to complete a project and have creative success with it?
My "art" growing up was ballet. My few attempts at drawing, painting, and crafting were horrible failures, so I just assumed that meant I wasn't creative. It feels awesome to have completed my first few projects, and it has definitely boosted my confidence. This kind of creativity might not come as naturally to me as it does to others, but Duncan has helped me to see it's a talent you can learn, and I'm definitely invested in learning as much as I can!

Be sure to add Madi to your RSS feed or follow her here on Blogger as she rediscovers her creativity and shows you how you can to!

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