Wednesday, June 3

Where Crafty Chica™ goes, glitter follows

This past weekend at Maker Faire, our booth was under glitter! It all started with the Crafty Chica™ glitter canvases. Everyone had a blast pouring tons of Crafty Chica™ Glitters onto each of their canvases, but not all of the glitter ended back into their respective bottles.

Soon glitter started showing up everywhere...on hands:

On purses and bags:

All over the floor:

On phones and cameras:

Yeah, just about everywhere! We can't imagine the reaction of the San Mateo cleanup crew when they saw the remains of our booth area...and by area, we mean the 100 foot radius around it. The bathroom floors weren't spared either. It was covering the floors in there too! Ha!

Even Crafty Chica™ got glittered up when she put Bollywood Blue Crafty Chica™ Glitters into her hair for an impromptu photo shoot. We even noticed a few kids following suit and sprinkling the sparkly flecks into their hair. I'm sure the parents loved that!

But, our booth wouldn't have been the same without the glitter attack. Young and old know it's a craft supply they just simply can't resist!


tamdoll said...

Love, love sparkly glitter. That's the one craft supply I've never minded that gets scattered around the house.

Hello there! My name is June said...

Once you open a tube of will always be with you! I have found glitter in the freezer, on my kids'heads, & even my very understanding husband has gone to work with cream & glitter in his coffee!

Thank goodness it's non toxic! LoL!

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