Wednesday, June 23

ILoveToCreate Teen Crafts: Super Star Sneakers

ILovetoCreate Teen Crafts
Super Star Sneakers
Guest Crafter Avalon Potter for Margot Potter
“Kid crafted, mom approved.”

The problem with most kid and teen craft projects is that they’re created by adults. We’d like to think that we can still look back at our wild youth and know what it’s like to be a teen, and on some levels, we can, but we’re viewing through an adult lens. I love to see what happens when the adults step back and let the kids create.

You know what?

They really kick some crafty butt!

They have fewer filters, less of a need to please and they just do what they like. I bought a grey pair of Converse All Stars a while back with the intention of tricking them out for this column, but I got busy with other ideas and in the meantime Avalon wore the sneakers. So they were no longer pristine and new...which is how she likes them.

She asked if she could create the teen craft project for today and I said, “YES!” So these fabulous sneakers are 100% Avalon. She used a variety of Tulip Graffiti products and some Tulip Glam it Up crystals to make a really rockin’ pair of shoes. Go Avalon! I think if adults can give kids more room for creativity, they’ll always surprise us.

Low top tennis shoes
Tulip Fashion Graffiti Big Phat Fabric Markers in Pink and Black
Tulip Fashion Graffiti stencil in chain link fence pattern
Tulip Fashion Graffiti stencil puffy graffiti letters
43 Glam it Up iron on crystals in crystal
Tulip 3-D fashion paint in silver
Toothpick with beeswax on end or tweezers
Non stick sheet or newspaper

1. Select your shoes and remove the laces.

2. Use the pink marker to stencil on one side of each shoe with the chain link fence pattern. Stencil in black on the opposite side.

3. Use the letter stencil and the silver dimensional paint to add your initials to one side of each shoe.

4. Freehand hearts, peace signs and butterflies using the dimensional paint.

5. Use the markers to color your shoe laces, one pink and one black.

6. Add crystal accents on both sides of shoe using the applicator and add 6 crystals to the back seam on each shoe. Be careful, it gets really hot!

7. Use glue to attach a crystal smiley face to the toes of the shoes. Dip the crystal into the glue carefully using a toothpick with beeswax or tweezers to hold the crystal and then attach to the shoe. Wipe off excess glue and allow to dry.


Anonymous said...
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LissC said...

Love it! I have a couple nieces who want to be involved, meaning, they want to sit there, and have me do all the work and make them stuff for them. Well another couple nieces I have just LOVE to come over and go through my drawers and find stuff to make and use and get their hands dirty. Its funny how different they are. You are right though. They don't always pick or do what we expect or think they will. As you said you can't remove the adult lens.

Anonymous said...
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Margot Potter said...


I love that! Yes, my daughter often does the same thing, but this project was all hers. She didn't want me to get in the way!


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