Tuesday, August 3

Crafty chaos over Tulip Fashion Glitter shirts!

Last week at the Craft SuperShow, we had a demo in the Michaels booth. Here is a post with some pictures.

The project was a cool shirt idea where we folded the shirt in half, outlined half a pair of lips using chalk and then opened the shirt, applied Tulip 3D Fashion Paint within the chalk lines, and then pressed the shirt together. We then peeled it back to reveal a fun smoochy impression. Of course we had to cover the whole thing in red glitter!

After that, we applied one of our Tulip stencils, more glitter and gems.

Our booth had a two-hour line of hungry crafters anxious to make the project! It reminded me of a Disneyland ride - watching people wait with that excited look in their eyes.

In the middle of the chaos, I whipped out my camera and shot a snippet of video.

I'm trying to locate the project directions and photo so you can make it too!

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