Tuesday, August 3

High Voltage Boy Tee

Today I'm going to show you how to make this little "High Voltage" tee that I made for my youngest boy.

I started with a Fashion Graffiti stencil that looked like a chain link fence.  I love this set of stencils.  There's a cool old school car, there's a stencil of headphones, and a whole lot more.  They are are really easy to use.  I taped freezer paper around it so I wouldn't get the whole shirt when I sprayed.

I was also really excited to try the Fashion Graffiti Spray Paint Kit.  It works just like spray paint, but it's not aerosol.  You pump it instead.  For the purposes of this shirt, you could just use the Fabric Spray, but the paint cannon is pretty fun and I'll definitely be experimenting more with it in the future.

So, I set the stencil on the shirt and sprayed.  I moved the stencil to a new location and sprayed again.  I did this until I was happy with the amount of coverage.

 I wanted to make it look like there was a sign hanging on the fence, so I created an image I liked.  Here it is as a jpg.  Feel free to use it if you'd like.
I used this image to create a freezer paper stencil.  If you've never tried this out, click HERE to watch my in-depth tutorial on freezer paper stenciling.  You'll be a pro in no time.  Warning: You might also become an addict as well.

I ironed my stencil onto a scrap piece of white fabric.  I painted the background black and removed the stencil.  To give the letters a shaded look, I took my brush and wiped off most of the paint.  Then I made some messy strokes with it towards the botton of the lettering.

I used the Tulip 3-D Slick paints on this part.  They are a bit thicker, but they cover really well.  I filled in the lightning bolt with yellow.

I took this fabric and ironed on some fusible adhesive.  I cut out the image, but I left a bit of white for edging.

I peeled off the backing, ironed it on, and sewed it on as well just for extra security.

Lastly, I forced my child to model it for me instantly.  I get a bit excited when I finish my project.

That's it.  Now feed him a big piece of chocolate cake and you'll see what high voltage is really all about.

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Holly said...

Wow, that looks great! Good ideas on tricks and tools to use too. Thanks.

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