Monday, August 23

Shimmering Autumn Leaf Craft

(Photo by

This is a sweet idea we found on Crafts For all Seasons that uses Glittered Puffy Paint.
From the blog: "This autumn leaf craft makes a beautiful decoration for your home this Fall. This craft was taught to me by my friend Heather, who is a school teacher and uses this craft for her fifth grade class. It is a great craft for children around age 10 and up, and for adults. Leaf patterns are cut out of window screening. Window screening can be bought by at a hardware store, usually sold on a roll by the foot. For this reason, this craft is wonderful to do in a classroom since many leaves can be made from one foot of screening! The cheap, flimsy screening works the best for this craft. Then, the leaves are outlined using puffy paint and allowed to dry. These can be hung by a mantle, made into window hangings, made into a mobile, added to a fall wreath, or placed around the centerpiece on the table. Be creative!"

Click here to see the full project, pictures, and directions!

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