Friday, September 10

Frida Kahlo Tote Wall Lamp

Every year during the Crafty Chica cruise, I shop in Mexico for all kinds of goodies. No matter what, I always come home with a stack of plastic totes. Here's a way to turn them into a fun wall lamp!

1 large Mexican grocery tote
1 wood frame, 16 inches x 16 inches
1 piece of white art paper, about 14 inches x14 inches
Staple gun
Sequin trim
Liquid Fusion adhesive
Hot-glue gun
Battery-operated lights
Tulip 3D Glitter Fashion Paint, black
Tulip Soft Paints
Crafty Chica™ Chunky Glitters™

Cut the top off the tote, and then one panel of the tote.
Staple to the front of a wood frame.
Outline with Tulip 3D Fashion Paint.
Paint with Tulip Soft Paints, add glitter while glue is still wet. Let dry and then hot glue the white paper behind the image on the other side. Add sequin trim to accent the edges.
Hot glue battery-operated light strand inside against the wood.

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Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club said...

Clever, clever, clever - as always. I have one of these totes and it may soon be transformed into a light fixture since I rarely use it in it's current form.

Tess said...

Wow, this would make a great night light for a kids room or a hallway. It's fabulous!

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