Thursday, February 10

Bedazzled Braille Bangle Bracelet

If you have a hot Valentine's Day date, you need the perfect accessory and I think this bracelet might just be it. You can say I Love You in so many different ways, but have you said it lately in bedazzled braille? I didn't think so.

Tulip Glam it Up Crystals
Plain Bracelet
Crafty Chica Paint Pack
Paint Brush
Tulip Slick Paint (or Scribbles)

You can find blank wooden bangle bracelets at most craft stores, but feel free to up-cycle an old bangle bracelet in your collection. What about a spent roll of tape? Paint the bracelet whatever color tickles your fancy, I opted for red to go with my Valentine's theme.

After the paint was dried it was time to add my raised dots. I wanted to use a thicker paint like Tulip Slicks or Scribbles. I looked for how to say I Love You in braille on the internet. I first went through and added a slew of hot pink dots.

While my hot pink dots were still wet I placed Tulip Glam it Up Crystals in the correct spots to spell out I Love You in Braille.

For my hot Valentine's Day date with the hubbs I have the perfect accessory. The trick will be finding a cute outfit that will fit me at 9 months pregnant.

Looking for more I Love to Create projects? How about jewelry ideas? Want more Valentine action? I gotcha covered.

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sassygal2 said...

I love your bangle bracelet. I did bangles that were covered with denim and embellished with gemstones and seed beads. I am a member with Ilovetocreate but everytime I try to upload a craft it doesnt work for me. Do you know if I am doing something wrong. I love to show the denim bangles that I did.

uzzal said...

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