Tuesday, February 1

Ed Hardy-inspired T-shirt

Hello everyone!  It's Cheri from I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar and I have a fun, wild project for you today.  I was really anxious to do more with my Tulip fabric markers, so I took some inspiration from Ed Hardy to make this t-shirt for my little guy.

I got out a plain white t-shirt, my Tulip fabric markers, and the Fashion Graffiti Big Phat Markers.  Then I started to play. 

I drew all over, looking at the Ed Hardy t-shirts for ideas.

Lastly, I filled in the designs with some color.  Then I kept adding more details until I was happy.  The markers are so fun and easy to use.

Then I tried the shirt out on my little man.  It's wild and fun, but it can also be tamed by pairing it with a sweatshirt or a short sleeve shirt over the top of it.

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