Wednesday, June 22

iLoveToCreate Teen Crafts: Swinging Vines Necklace Tank Top

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Swinging Vines Necklace Tank Top

"Teen crafted, mom approved."

Lately I have been a little obsessed with Tulip 3D fashion paints, I have made multiple t-shirts playing with the paints and recently developed this technique. I think it is very fun and beautiful once finished. I love working with tulip paints and I know that you will not be disappointed!


Lectric Lime Tulip Slick 3D Fashion Paint
Fl. Pink Slick Tulip 3D Fashion Paint
Deep Turquoise Slick Tulip 3D Fashion Paint

White tank top
Tulip t-shirt form


1. Draw out your design on a piece of paper using pencil, then practice tracing over the design with you paints till you feel comfortable with them.

2. On your shirt start with the first large tendril using Lectric Lime. For the next three tendrils use in this order Deep Turquoise, Fl. Pink, and Lectric Lime.

3.To give it that necklace effect on the seem on the neck use Fl. Pink on the left side and Deep Turquoise on the right.

Mom’s Note
Avalon decorated this canvas bag using the same technique, but layering the colors over each other. I thought this was a really cool effect and the technique itself innovative and interesting. To me, it looks like branch coral. You could decorate a super fun canvas beach tote with this technique.


vgrattan1 said...

Your stuff is so cute! I can't wait to see more. I am now a follower here is my blog check me out on facebook too :) If you like photography you can check me at I am looking forward to sharing our creative ideas with each other :)

Teresa said...

Hope you will continue posting this great content here. I love it.

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