Tuesday, December 20

Monogrammed Blanket

My son has two awesome teachers at his preschool and I wanted to make them something special for Christmas.  I decided to buy a comfortable blanket for one teacher and monogram it for her.  I like semi-homemade gifts because they don't take as much time as fully handmade, but they still have a personalized feel to them.  I purchased this blanket at Target.

Then I cut a freezer paper stencil.  (If you haven't tried freezer paper stenciling you can watch my video tutorial of it HERE.)  I ironed on the stencil and painted the letter black, using my Tulip soft fabric paint.  

Since the blanket had a little texture to it I was really careful with the brushing.  I blotted more than brushing.  

I removed the stencil and decided to add a little bling with Beads in a Bottle.  I think this product is so fun.  I've used it on a clutch, on a pumpkin, and on a Viking t-shirt.  It's easy and fast, but gives you the look of sewing on a lot of beads or sequins.

I wrapped the blanket back up like it came, showing the monogram on the outside.  

I think it'll look pretty draped over her couch.

So, if you need a last minute gift idea this one is pretty quick.


G-maT said...

Just love your ideas...so glad I found you! :)

Anonymous said...

If she was to wash the blanket, would it ruin it?
Never used Beads in a Bottle, but would love to use them on a baby shower gift for my friend.

Just want to be sure she'd be able to wash it.

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