Monday, July 30

Craft Wars Party at Casa De Jewels

Margot Potter

I recently hosted a Craft Wars party in honor of my friend and fellow ILOVETOCREATE Blogger Margot Potter and her hubby Drew in celebration of their appearance on the NEW TLC Show “Craft Wars”, created by our dear friends Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza. You can catch the show on Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. EST. Click her for programming info. 

The Craft Wars Team

Rachele is a College Student studying Fashion Retail, Kim is a Professional Pet Photographer and High School English Teacher, Tess is a College Student studying Photography, Claire is a Teacher, Celia is a Physical Therapy Assistant, Jean is Co-Owner of La Belle Vie Salon, Arielle is a College Student studying to become a Teacher, Billybob our Furry Mascot and for those of you that don’t know I am the one with the Very Poofy Blonde hair and the glass of wine aka “Jewels”.

Imagine Create Live

It all started with some Inspiring words, food and drink.

Craft Wars Products

Then down to the Studio were we gathered some of my most favorite products from ILOVETOCREATE, Spellbinders & Artistic Wire. We also used feathers, straws and back scratchers that we found at the Dollar Store!

Kaileens Wire Wrapped Back Scratcher

Kaileen’s Wire Wrapped Straw infused Back Scratcher. Totally Clever! I cant help but say “Phone Home”, LOL!

Rachele Jewel Stone Earrings

Of course Rachele stole my heart with these out of the box Jewel Stone Earrings embellished with Tulips Glam-It-Up PDA Crystals. She even made the ear wires out of Artistic Wire. Way to go Fashion Student!

Kims Zebra Inspired Goddess Journal

Kim’s Zebra Inspired Jewel Goddess Journal adorned with Tulips Glam-It-Up PDA Crystals,  adhered with Aleene’s Super Thick Tacky Glue

Claires Jewel Goddess

Celia’s Healing Jewel Goddess with Tulips Glam-It-Up PDA Crystals & Artistic Wire

Claire's Jewel Goddess

Claire’s Jewel Goddess with Feathers, Tulip Fabric Markers, Tulips Glam-It-Up PDA Crystals & Artistic Wire

Tess and Jean

Tess and Jean’s Jewel Goddess collaboration using Tulip Fabric Markers, Tulip Glam-It-Up PDA Crystals, Artistic Wire, Feathers and yes a Straw!

Arielle Wicked Goddess

Arielle’s Fabulously Wicked Jewel Goddess. Love how she created these branches using Tulips Fabric Markers and super love the Black Feather with Tulip Glam-It-Up PDA Crystals.

The Winners

At Casa De Jewels everyone’s a WINNER! Thanks to all of my friends who participated and to the wonderful Companies that we love so much, ILOVETOCREATE, Spellbinders and Artistic Wire.

Drew Potter
A HUGE Thank You to Drew Potter for helping out his amazing Wife Margot Potter on the show. You guys didn’t WIN the big prize BUT you WON all of our Hearts! You are our WINNER!

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