Friday, July 27

MAYA IN THE MOMENT TEEN CRAFT: Screened & Glittered Tee

My first official t-shirt for my band!
Hi! Not sure if any of you know, but aside from crafting, I'm also a musician. I teamed up with my amazingly talented and handsome homie(check him out!!)- BoiFromIpanema - and we formed a duo called Rhinestone Graffiti.

OK, so we've had one gig so far (on my mom's cruise, lol) - it was spontaneous and we had so much fun that we are doing it again, this time in New York City, next week!

Part of the fun of performing is making and wearing band merchandise! So I used the Tulip ScreenIt to make our first official Rhinestone Graffiti band shirt. I'm the "Rhinestone" half and Jeshua is the "Graffiti."
Print image on paper before burning on the screen.
To use the ScreenIt, you print out a design (or you can draw with a marker) on apiece of copier paper and then use it to burn on to a pre-emulsified screen. You wash the screen,l et it dry and then you are good to go. Watch my video below for a step-by-step process on the printing techniques I used!

I must take after my mom, because I couldn't stop myself from adding glitter and crystals to the end result.

What I love about the ScreenIt is that you can burn a design and then use the screen over and over to make more shirts. I hope to make a dozen more and sell them at our gig!

Here is a video of how I printed my shirt, and below is a video of Rhinestone Graffiti performing "At Last." Hope you like both of them! (Wish us luck at our gig, ok?)



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