Tuesday, August 21

Neon Fabric Spray Paint Shirt DIY + Video Tutorial

Love to rock out in neon colors?  Then this DIY project is for you!  In her "DIY on the FLY" video series, Brandi shows you how to make a fun neon fabric spray paint tank using a neon pack of Tulip Fabric Spray Paints available at Michaels and JoAnn!

<a href="http://www.linkedtube.com/WueUssW91fweb9d4c95a5ea11af34fc759c6058da4f.htm">LinkedTube</a>

If you're looking for a fun craft for your next party, we guarantee your guests will love playing with the neon sprays!

The Tulip Fabric Sprays work great on shirts, totes, shoes, canvas art, fabric accessories and so much more!  


Lmfanaro said...

will this show up on black shirts?

Anonymous said...

Colors work best on light-colored fabrics (Snow works well on dark fabrics as well) and are available individually with some offered in 4 packs of popular color combinations.
-from information on link to buy product.

Anonymous said...

wow amazing really creative

merrilee said...

I have used this spray paint and it's awful. It works for like 5 sprays and clugs. I had returned several sets of these and the metallic ones. Then I went out and bought all new sprayers for them. Am I the only one who has trouble with these?

ApparelChoice.com said...

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Sara LoversCrafts said...


Jill said...

How do you get the striped effect?

Sarah said...

Amazing idea! And thanks for the video. I really enjoy it.
Click here

kbeaulieu said...

Your video player window doesn't seem to be working. I would love to see this video could you please let me know if it is working?

Anthony Paul said...

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i really appreciated, keep it up !
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