Tuesday, October 2

Fun With Fabric Stamp Pads

The other day I spent some more time playing with the Scribble Fabric Stamp Pads.  They are pretty versatile and they make a really easy project.

Today I'm going to show you two things I did with them.  

Scribbles also carries a ton of really cute foam stamps you can use with them.

I like press the stamp pad onto the stamp (instead of the reverse) so I can see what I'm doing.

I also recommend checking the stamp before you stamp it down to make sure you have enough ink on it.  Gently wipe the edges of the square so they don't mark up your project.

First, I created a personalized baby gift with them.  I stamped a burp cloth and a onesie...

...and then I wrapped it up for a super easy baby gift.

With the stamp pads you can also use any rubber stamps you have.  I have a thing for cute stamps and so I got out some of my own to use on a little library tote for the boys.  (I got both of these from Anthropologie a few years ago.)

And here's the bag front and back.

The stamping is kind of a nice, instant-gratification craft that anyone can do.  It's easier and faster than sewing or freezer paper stenciling.  Plus if you have (or make your own) stamps, you can use them over and over again.

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