Friday, November 9


 Hey guys! Since the Crafty Chica is out of town, I decided to take over her day! Thanksgiving is fastly approaching, and i've seen everyone updating their facebook status' with what they're thankful for. I thought I should make a Thankful Jar for my household! I found this jar in my closet from a craft fail along time ago. It's basically a flower pot upside-down, with a bowl glued on to it!


First I painted a couple of coats of white on to the pot. I then used the last coat of paint as a glue for the glitter. A way to get maximum glitter coverage is to paint a section, glitter, and repeat. This way you avoid white spots! Let it dry for a couple minutes before going to the next step!
Next, I used Tulip's squeeze paint and added my "I'm Thankful...". This paint will take a couple of hours to dry! If you feel like you want more detail, use Beads In A Bottle to add some texture!

Finished! I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving!
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