Tuesday, December 11

10 Gifts to Make using Fabric Paint

I love fabric paint.  After making my first freezer paper stenciled shirt a few years ago I fell in love.  Before that I didn't know that there was an easy way to personalize shirts, pillows, shoes, and more.  I thought silk screening was the only option and that seemed very complicated. 

So, if you're still searching for the right gift for someone on your list, here are 10 gift ideas that you can make yourself with a little fabric paint.

1) Graffiti Shoes.  I could do these with a superhero theme for my boys and they'd be a hit.

2) A Dress or Pullover.....if you're up for some sewing.

3) Confetti Sprinkled Napkins.  You could make the napkins yourself or purchase them.  Then dress them up with some fabric paint.

4) Monogrammed Blanket.  For this gift I purchased a regular blanket and then monogrammed it to personalize it.

5) Hand-printed Fabric.  This one doubles as wrapping and a gift in and of itself.  I love this idea.

6) Children's Art T-shirt.  You could try this on a pillow as well.  This one is a fun gift for grandparents.

7) Painted Bag.  I love this simplicity of this bag and the clever way it's done.

8) Stenciled Pillows.  Add a name, a picture, or a monogram.

9) Monogrammed Luggage Tags.  Here's a simple gift for your traveling friends.

10) A Shirt Featuring Anything They Are "Into."  I love making t-shirts for my boys when they have a particular interest.  Here's one from when my little guy was in a viking phase.

Or make a silly t-shirt for the funny guy in the family.  I made this one for my brother-in-law.

So whip out your fabric paint.  The options are endless.


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

All are GREAT!
I really love the heart bag!
Thanks for sharing!

teddybear said...

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