Friday, March 8

MAKE IT: Glittered Typography Canvases!

Being a writer, I love incorporating words, message sand phrases into my art and crafts. So when iLovetoCreate came out with this Scribbles® Alpha Stamp Kit, I knew my art supplies would be welcoming a new friend! The idea for these canvases came from our summer CHA last year when we were stamping fabric as a demo. This is one of my sample designs:

The idea stuck with me and I've been wanting to make some new pieces for my studio so I thought I'd do it right and use paint and canvases! Here is how to do your own version!
12 x 12" canvas, primed.
Baby wipes.

Set out your stamps on a table so you can find the easily, I suggest in alpha order!

 Before you start stamping, decide on your message and lay it out so you know where to and where not to stamp the black lettering. Start at the top of your canvas. Use a paint brush to pat the paint on the stamp and press in place. Add random letters, try to line them up evenly in a row. Keep going. When it comes time to add the words, use a bright color!

Not all of your letters will have a perfect, opaque stamp. That's ok, just get through the stamping! When you're done, use a liner brush and paint to fill in any thin areas so it looks nice and uniform!

Here is a picture of a finished canvas, plus the second one in progress. See how it's all coming together? Nice!

Now it's time to add the glitter to make these POP! Use a paintbrush and the Tacky Glue. Paint hte glue on each letter and then pour the glitter. I painted all the letters and then applied the glitter. Tap away the excess. Let dry. That's it! If you want, you can use gold paint to trim the edges for a finished look!

TIP: Make sure to clean your stamps with baby wipes so they'll be good to go for next time!

After I finished these, I realized how much a metaphor these are. Sometimes it feels like we live a boring black and white world (even though I really dig that combo!), and we have to see through the stark contrast to see the bright stuff in life. I get deep with my crafting, don't I? 

 - Mother's Day - use a funny saying that your mom is know for.
 - A line from your wedding vows.
 - A goal you have, this can be hung as a reminder.
 - Your kids names.

What other ideas can you think of for this idea? Please share below!


Anonymous said...

i really like this, kathy! definitely want to give it a try, as a fellow word-lover myself... :)

The Crafteelaydee said...

Love this! I scored a couple of canvases at a garage sale They are tiny, but I think I am going to make tiny greeting cards. I have some little stamps that I think will work. Then my recipient can display the " card" instead of sticking in a drawer!

Mark Rowan said...

I enjoyed reading it. I'm supposed to be somewhere else in a minute but I stuck to reading the story. I like the quality of your blog

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