Monday, April 22

Body Art Birthday & House Warming Party

We had the most fun at my Girlfriends combination 50th Birthday and Home Warming party this past weekend. I thought it would be oodles of creative fun if we painted each others faces and one belly with Tulip's Body Art kit. 
But first we did a little doodling with Tulip's Fabric Markers. I so love these markers! 
Arielle & Tess got really quite and serious while creating their Inspirational statements on this bandana that I purchased from Michaels Craft stores
I love the intense look on Tess's face! These girls are super talented! 
We continued to add more artwork through out the night. A really fun and inexpensive way to create and give a gift all at the same time. 
Smile...Your Beautiful! 
Next it was off to Tulips Body Art. I must say that everyone was super eager to paint someone's face, belly or arm. It was so much fun to watch. 
The Birthday Girl and her Lovely daughter Tess picking out a design to paint on momma's face. 
It was so sweet watching these two. 
She did a GREAT job, it was so easy and quick! 
We all picked Kaileen as the perfect candidate for a silly Mustache.
She ROCKED it big time! 
Watching these two almost Newlyweds paint each others faces was beyond Hysterical! 
Not bad......its a Tulip, Tracy's favorite flower.
This girl has "Mad Skills" and she did it so quick! 
Santos, you are such a "Doll Baby", hehe! So cool! 
Hey its called Tulip Body Art, Do my Belly! 
Love how Arielle incorporated Natalie's belly button ring as the nose and mouth for her smiley face!
Hey...Whats that crawling on your forehead? Tess's friend Sam pull out her own free hand painting skills with this Pinterest inspired image of a snail.
and then it was my turn! 
Great job Kaileen! Love my sunshine. 
Needless to say a great time was had by all! We are definitely taking our Tulip Fabric Markers and Body Art to the Jersey Shore this summer. In fact we are already brainstorming on quick and easy images that we can paint for each day. Don't worry I am sure there will be a Blog entry featuring that crazy trip! Enjoy! Jewels 


Barbara A Mizzoni Young said...

What a great idea! Who doesn't love face painting? Looks like everyone had fun.

Barbara @

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