Thursday, May 2

Decorating for Cinco de Mayo - Make Your Own Pinata Figurine

Mother's Day might be right around the corner, but let's not forget about Cinco de Mayo this weekend. You gotta admit Cinco de Mayo is more fun to craft for. Come on, who does not want to make colorful donkey pinata figurines?

The current issue of Kids Crafts 1-2-3 has a couple of cute Cinco de Mayo themed projects. There is a even a free pinata necklace project on our website. Last year I made the kids matching pinata appliqued shirts. This year I wanted to go with the donkey theme, but until I remembered the giant box of spray painted plastic toys in my garage I was not sure what it would be. Then after a trip down the party aisle this morning it all came together.


Aleene's Tacky Glue

Toy Horse



Googly Eyes

I cut my streamers into lengths of about 1". From there I folded the streamers and made them fringed.

Bit by bit I would smear Tacky Glue onto the horse and add strips of streamers. I did the head, tail and legs last. Oh and be sure to make some pointy ears.

Next I added googly eyes with Tacky Glue.

I'm pretty smitten with how he turned out. I'm bringing a batch of margarita cupcakes to a Cinco de Mayo party this weekend and thinking my new fringed friend would make a great centerpiece.

Then again I kinda like the way this set-up looks on my shelf so maybe I will keep it for myself.

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