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How to make a Tie Dye Doily Collage

Tie Dye Doily Collage
Jaderbomb for iLoveToCreate

I am always looking for a fun way to add Tie-Dye to my home decor. The colors are so vibrant when everything is complete. How fun will it be to see something everyday that adds pure happiness in your life. Since it's almost Summer I thought I would show you how to bring Tie-Dye into your outdoor decor. 
Let's get started because I am super pumped for you to make these! 
You will need:
*Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit :  (Red, Yellow & Blue)
*Vintage Doilies or new ones

*Craft Brushes 
*Picture Frames
*Fishing string to hang them on fence
*Lot's of LOVE

The first thing you will do is fill up your bottles with water.  What I love the most is the powdered dye is already in the bottle when you get it. There is a bold line at the top of the bottle that states how much water to put in the bottle so you don't have to measure anything. 
When you get your pack of tie dye there will be a pamphlet in it showing you different techniques you can use. I like to use this for inspiration and possibly create new techniques from the ones shown on the paper. I always keep this for future reference.
(Trust me it comes in handy, plus it's pretty to look at)

Once you have your design complete in your head put the rubberbands that came with your package on your doily. Have fun and put as many as you want.
I start off by getting an old platter that I am ok with getting dirty and stained. I have an old cookie drying rack that I bought just for this purpose. I like it because it is raised and allows all of the dye to fall into the tray. If you are doing large items you might have to settle for a piece of visquin.
Don't forget to throw on the clear gloves that come with your tie-dye. This will prevent your fingers from getting stained.
I started by applying yellow first on one end. 
Don't forget you can create "other" colors by putting these colors together!
*Red+Blue= Purple
*Red+Yellow= Orange
*Yellow+Green=Lime Green
These are just some of the colors you can create by mixing.
Then right after the yellow I applied blue since I know the two colors will make a nice shade of green where they touch. You can always squirt more blue directly over the yellow to get more green. 
Grab another doily and repeat the same steps. Make sure you change the pattern of your rubber bands to get different designs. This will look great once you hang them all up together. 
I decided to do an Ombre doily because I think it looks beautiful when complete. To start you will apply a single color to one side. Make sure you squirt out a good amount so you can spread it with your brush. Don't brush completely over the doily if you want to add another complimentary color on the other side. 
I like the color yellow and green create so I added yellow on my opposite end. It's really gorgeous because you get shades of lime green.
Time to dry. I always hang mine from a pot with a clothes pin. I enjoy when the colors bleed into each other. If you don't want the colors to fall downward lay your doily on a flat surface to dry. Let dry for 7-8 hours or overnight. I left my doily's outside all night. When you wake up take off the rubberbands and wash your doily. I recommend washing them by themselves.
(Make sure to keep your rubberbands, they will come in handy for bigger projects)
I love how delicate they look, yet so much fun!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Just imagine how great these will look in your back yard (of course in a protected spot). If you don't have a backyard to put them in, you can always display them in your bathroom, kitchen, carport, living room, kids room or bedroom. 
Big hugs from Jaderbomb to you! See you in the next post.
P.S. I promise when you start playing with Tie-Dye you won't be able to stop, hehe! 
*Find more of my DIY decor at JADERBOMB.COM*
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Taylor's Heart Gallery said...

I love this so much!!! Never ever thought of using tie-dye like this!!! Can hardly wait to add it to my outdoor patio area!!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I'd like to decorate my bedroom this way! Fun use of doilies!

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

This is COOL!

Jaderbomb said...

Thanks Taylor's Healing Arts! This will look so good outdoors at your house!

Erin Sipes said...

Looks awesome!

Jenn Erickson said...

Weeee...those are tons of fun!

Leanne said...

How fun! I love all the colors.

Taradara said...

LOVE!!!!! I love how you staged them!!!

Johnnie said...

This is super cool! Right up my alley. I can't believe I have never combined tie dye and doilies. Genius.

teddybear said...

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