Friday, June 14

Holographic Dyed Tank (Made from a White T-shirt!)

What happens when you need a black T-shirt, but can't find one? You dye a white shirt! That's what I did and then I added some shiny squares for the wow factor! Here's how you can you can make one too!
What you need:
– White cotton T-shirt.
– Scissors.
– Chalk

Here's a video tutorial I made!


Rose Powell said...

How neat, I'm going to show it to my girls to see if the dig it, then we're gonna try it!!!!

finditwithin said...

Hello Crafty Chica - I have never dyed anything in the washing machine before. This may seem like a dumb question but I have to ask... How do you know the dye is all out of your washing machine and won't stain the next load washed?

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