Monday, June 24

Jewel Loom Flower Bling Ring

Making beaded rings is fun and easy on my NEW Jewel Loom but the "Glue" holding the bling is the real MAJIC! Aleene's Jewelry & Metal Glue is not only the BEST but it holds really really well! 
Materials needed include: 
Beadalon Wild Fire .15 
Size 6/0 Toho Seed Beads 
Decorative Buttons (if buttons have shanks you will need a pair of wire cutters to remove them) 

Set up the Jewel Loom with 7 Warp Threads following the Warp Set Up instructions included in the kit. 
Measure your finger of choice with a sewing tape measure and build base of ring according to length. My ring was 2.5inches long 
When base is finished thread needle up one row and back through bottom row at least 3 times. This will lock in rows so they do not slide once they are cute off of warp threads. Continue weaving through base of ring until you reach the top and repeat weaving through top two rows to secure as you did on bottom rows. Make sure that needle and thread are all the way too the top. Do not cut off, leave needle and thread attached to ring. 
I love working on the Jewel Loom because you can create multiple projects at once 
Flip Jewel Loom over and very carefully cut warp threads off the bottom and top of loom
Find the middle of warp threads and very carefully cut 
Tie Warp threads together by gathering and tying two pieces together 
Adhere Aleene's Jewelry & Metal Glue to knots let dry 
Trim excess thread above knots carefully 
Sew bottom and top ends together with needle thread 
Using your needle tuck knots inside of beads 
Continue to stitch entire base of ring making sure that top and bottom ends are secure 
If decorative button has a shank remove it using a pair of wire cutters. Apply Aleene's Jewelry & Metal Glue to base of button and to ring where two ends meet. This will help to hide knots and to give the ring a finished look. 
Let dry and Wear! 
Super Fun & Easy! You can check out my Blog at juliannahudgins/blog Cheers, Jewels 

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