Friday, June 7

Shibori Summer Sheets!

Summer is here and my bedroom needed a makeover! I've been doing a new tie-dye video every week and now it was time to give my bed some rainbow love!

Here is what you need:
PVC pipe, about 24" long
Rubberbands and twine or string

Here is my video on how to tie-dye your sheets! My suggestion is to get at least 6-8 bottles ofr a queen set, that's what I did. I LOVE how my sheets turned out. I decided at the last minute to use some Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint™ and add stenciled designs...



TAXCAT1 said...

THis is the mOST fantastic thing I've seen done with tie-dye!!! I love it---and esp. your stencils on the pillowcases!!

Lynn Corona said...

What a great "save" for faded sheets!

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