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Cute Tie-Dyed Undies Tutorial

Woot Woot for Summer Undies! Because I love Tie Dye I figured I would push things a little further by adding some color to my plain undies. I realize I am now a true "tie dye addict" but this was the most fun I had with dye in a long time. Why wear boring undies when you can add some flare to them. Don't get me wrong there are ton's of cute undies out there but being able to transform a boring white pair into a fashionable statement piece is priceless. Plus, did I mention how much fun this is? I wonder if I could wear these as a bathing suit bottom. Let's get started!

You will need:
*Tulip 5 Color Tie-Dye Kit :  (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet)
*Undies (white or gray's work best)
*Lot's of LOVE
Mr. Tacky Glue seems very happy right now?! I think he is wondering what's going on!
  When you open your box of tie-dye the bottles will already have powdered dye in them but they also provide extra packets like the ones in the picture. The one thing I love about the powder is I can decide how much I want to put in the water. I can put a little powder to thin out the water and create lighter shades or put lot's of powder and make my shades really bright!
 I wanted to show you what comes with the Tie-Dye kit.

*Rubber Bands
*Powdered Dye
*Clear Gloves
*Squirt Bottles which will already have powdered dye in them. If you want light shades of color you could empty some of the powder out of the bottle and put how much you want back in. 
(p.s. keep these you can reuse them)

 Typically you would leave the powder that is in the bottle and fill it with water to the "fill line". When you do this your water will be very dark. I emptied the powdered dye and put back just a little bit. 
This is what my liquid ended up looking like. It's hard to see in the picture but it's very translucent. Remember though, this part is totally up to you. I wanted light colors which is why I took out some of the powder. The great thing is, you can always add more powder to your water if you gradually want to get things darker. This is great if you want to ombre something. 
 When I purchased undies I wanted to get a different variety so you can see how they will look before you do them. One pack came with white, black and polka dot's. I figured this would be a great pack to work with. I love the black and white polka dot's because you can dye the white circles and have a very chic look in the end. 
Wet your undies before you start. I placed my pair on an old painting palette. I actually flipped it over and used the underneath because it has an edge around it to hold all of the liquid. Plus it's plastic which makes it easy to clean.   
I started by outlining the edges with one color and gradually using different shades that complimented each other. You can use the rubber bands to create different looks if you would like. I personally wanted to make them look a little classy (if that is at all possible with tie-dye). 
Oh yeah! This already looks so classy! Don't you think. I promise when I show you how to lighten the color you will see them transform into a magical pair of undies.
 I specifically wanted to show you how certain shades of gray looked with the dye. Keep in mind the white will give you more accurate colors. But I do enjoy the gray in the end. I love the undies with lace around the edges. 
This pair is a really dark pair of gray. I found this shade of gray didn't hold the color that good. The color in this picture looks really dark but once you wash them it will fade a lot. 
I just love the left over dye. I could stare at it for hours, as the colors all bleed together to create different shades. 
Most of the time you will dye something and let it sit for 7-8 hours. Because I wanted my cute tie-dyed undies to look soft and light I only let them sit for 3 hours outside.  After 3 hours I rinsed them under cold water. You will see an immediate difference in color when you do this. If you want bright colors then follow the normal instructions. 
Once I washed all of the undies I noticed the color on the lace came out so I applied more dye to the lace and let it sit for another 3 hours. This made the lace pop. 
How cute did they come out! I used my glittered clothespins to dry them in style!
I am happy with they way they all came out. The only rule is to have fun. What I love about Tie-Dye is I can go back into the undies after they are washed and add more color. 
I had so much fun transforming boring panties into works of art. The good news is there is no right or wrong way to do them. Have fun making your very own cute tie-dyed undies. Big hugs from my tie-dyed fingers to yours!

Which ones are your favorite? 

*Find more of my DIY decor at JADERBOMB.COM*

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Harper said...

Thanks so much for the awesome idea! I've been trying to find pretty colors of undies I really like, but the ones my local stores carry aren't to my liking. It never occurred to me to dye my own. I love tie dye and have done some vintage slip projects, but now I can't wait to go get some white undies and give this a try (:

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