Friday, July 12

Glittered Tie-Dye Totes

Last month I helped run a booth for the Tie-Dye Your summer campaign and we had leftover totes. These weren't normal boring totes, they were really nice ones - fully lined with a big roomy area for decorating. I knew I wanted to dye them, but to give them even more personality, I added some glittered elements! Here is a video I made showing the process! It was really fun!



Judy Buxton said...

That is an amazing idea and it looks fun to. I am thinking I will get my daughter to make herself one because she has been bugging me about doing some tie dye stuff for her but I think she can do it herself.

Carole Beath said...

Hey Cathy.... love your work. Saw you yesterday on TV on Sew It All with your Tee shirt tye dyed scarves. Met you one time at Creative Qwest. Have a great crafty day.

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