Tuesday, August 6

Arrow Baby Boots

Baby boots have been something on my list of things to make my new little baby girl.  However, while walking the aisles at Michael's the other day I saw they had some there for only $7 (and less if you use your coupon).  That saved me a lot of sewing time.  They were right next to all the I Love to Create products and I thought they'd be really fun to embellish.

So, I play off the recent trends of neon and arrows and turned them into these little arrow baby boots.

What you need:
– a pair of boots– Tulip fabric markers
– two buttons– Aleene's Peel and Stick Fabric Fusion Sheets
First off, I sketched arrows all over the boots in different directions.  Arrows are pretty easy to draw and the pattern doesn't have to be perfect.  I covered the entire boot in arrows and even colored the little loop in back orange.
After adding the arrows I thought a button on the flap that closes the boot would be cute.  The boots already velcro, so the button is purely for looks. 
I used Aleene's Peel and Stick Sheets to apply the button.  I cut a circle out the size of the button and peeled off one side.  I applied it to the back of the button.
Then I pulled to backing off (you can kind of see the dry adhesive on the back of the button) and stuck it on the boot.  I love Aleene's dry adhesives because there's no mess and no waiting for things to dry.
And now we have fun, colorful, one-of-a-kind boots for my little lady.
I can't wait until they fit her.


gina said...

Adorable! I love the pink and orange together!

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

Those are adorable! You must really be sold on those glue sheets. I burned myself making baby girl bows this week and thought maybe I should try some of those sheets Cheri talks about :)
You know people are gonna stop you and ask where you got those!

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