Friday, October 18

Puffy Paint Hoop Earrings

I love me some hoop earrings. I think I have  a pair in every color. And being a crafter, I'm always thinking of ways to embellish them. Hello, Puffy Paint! Here is my technique for making these drizzled-look earrings!

Hoop earrings
Freezer paper


Directions: Set the freezer paper shiny side up on a flat surface and set the hoops down. Make sure to keep them far enough away from each other so the Puffy Paint won't touch. Apply one color, then another.

Let dry overnight, until the paint is compleltely dry. Carefully peel away from the freezer paper. You may need to use a craft knife or scissors to snips and stuck areas.

The backs will be flat, so if you want, add a bit more paint so both sides look uniform.

Here are some others I did! I trimmed all of these with scissors afterwards. I also used Halloween colors for the season!
To prevent the paint from being sticky, simply give it a coat of Aleene's Clear Matte Sealer.



Jess B. said...

Looove this idea. Great inspiration. TFS

Anonymous said...

These are great! You're so crafty, chica! LOL!

Cami said...

how fun!

Cercei said...

Beautiful earrings, Great tutorial!!!

Michel Babun said...

Great tutorial. I like the idea how you make this earrings. This earrings may inexpensive but so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this great tutorial. Fashion and artificial earrings

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