Wednesday, November 27

10+ Easy DIY Ornament Roundup

It's officially ornament crafting season!  And here on our blog, we have over 10 awesome DIY ornament projects to get you in the decorating mood!  Whip up some of these for your next snow day or ornament party...they are quick, easy, and a BALL of fun!


DIY Neon Puffy Paint Ornaments
DIY Cupcake Ornament

Neon Marble Ornaments


Jeanine H said...

Allll the first neons!!!! So cool!! Kids will love to get in on these bright colours for sure!! Thanks for sharing these links!

Anonymous said...

I like the concept of it but I am not sure if i would use the neon colors for Christmas I would use the red's and green's and gold's and silver's. I really like the one that had the swirls and glitter I will like to use that for my Sunday School class for Christmas let my kids use glue and then sprinkle the pretty glitter on them and let them dry and put them in a clear party bag and tie and ribbon around the top or some sort i would like them to make some kind of ornament to take home. so it can be put on there Christmas tree.

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