Wednesday, January 22

DIY BFF Earrings

Best friends are forever, true blue and faithful to the end.  Why not show your BFF a little love with these super simple DIY BFF Earrings?  A little paper, some decoupage medium and twine turn craft store wooden hearts into two sided earrings that are sure to cheer your BFF up every time she wears them!  PLUS they're cute coming and going!  Avalon and I put our heads together here, she loves these muted colors and simple jewelry, I scaled back on my usual over the top size to make them easy and comfortable to wear every day.  These are perfect for a trend savvy teen.

 You will need:
2 1" wooden hearts
Scrapbook papers (ours are from Cosmo Cricket)
Scrapbook word stickers (also Cosmo Cricket or print your own)
Metallic accented hemp twine
Aleene's Turbo Tacky Gel
Tulip Sponge Brush
2 silver plated 10mm jump rings
2 silver plated dapped and coiled French ear wires
Electric drill with 1/16" bit
Extra fine sand paper and sander 
Spread a thin layer of decoupage medium on one side of hearts, place on paper.  Let dry for ten minutes.
Trim excess paper.
Repeat steps one and two on opposite sides of hearts.
Sand edges on both sides with extra fine sandpaper.
Add your text as shown (on both sides!)
Seal layers with two coats of decoupage medium on both sides. 
 Measure and cut cord to fit around hearts.  Spread a bead of glue along edge of hearts and attach cord.  Use a toothpick to press and secure the cord ends in the divot of the hearts.
Use a pen to mark your drill hole placement, make sure you have a left and right earring!
Drill the holes, carefully.  Sand any excess paper from holes.  Attach a jump ring to each heart and attach this to your ear wires.
Here's the other side of the earrings:
Fun, fast and fabulous!  This would be a fun  'Girls' Night In' Project and makes for a delicious and calorie free Valentine's Day gift!  What's not to love?
For more quick and easy craft ideas visit me us The Impatient Crafter and for Fashion and Style you can find us at DIY Doyenne!
Avalon and Margot


Jean said...

these are way cute!!! xox jean

Margot Potter said...

Thanks, Jean!

Jennifer Green said...

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Art of johnny said...

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Sarah Woods said...

Thks for sharing. I like your design very much :)

Max Alexax said...

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