Friday, January 10

Dyeing Natural Fibers: Yarn Collage Scarf

Being an avid crocheter, I am often asked about what kinds of yarns I use. Some people don't like acrylic or polyester yarns and want natural fibers like cotton.

But to find brightly colored natural fiber yarns at the craft store is a challenge, and if you go to a gourmet yarn store, they can be really expensive. I decided to make my own!

What you need is Tulip One-Step Dye in assorted colors.

It comes with gloves and rubberbands, but you'll also need a plastic tablecloth. OK, I know I've had a tutorial before on how to dye your yarn, but I only used the skinny cotton yarn. For this project I used
 - wool
 - rayon
 - silk
 - cotton

They came out gorgeous! Follow my tutorial above to see how I did this. 
To crochet the scarf, I used a "J" hook, I chained 70, then did double stitches on one side and single on another. For every row thereafter, I used a different color of yarn. I alternated between single and double stitched rows. Don't forget to save some extra for the fringe!

See that sparkle in there? That is sparkly eyelash yarn - it's polyester, but I couldn't help but add it in for a little light and shimmer!


Becky Wilson said...

so, did you have to do anything different with the wool?

Kathy Cano-Murillo said...

Nope, dyed it just the same!

The Sick Chick said...

Have you tried washing the wool? I'd be worried that it is not color-fast :/ Wool will accept colored water (i.e. dye that doesn't react with it) but then it mostly comes out in the first wash.

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