Monday, January 13

'Beaded' Heart Beanie DIY

Polar Vortex got you feeling a little chilly? This Heart Beanie will warm your head and spread love with a cute 3 dimensional heart using Tulip’s Beads in a Bottle. Hearts are a huge trend right now (especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner)! Inspired by Moschino’s heart beanie, you can create your own for a lot less. Stay warm and fashionable with this simple and chic hat embellishment.

Knit hat or beanie
Heart stencil and/or chalk

step 1
Layout your beanie folding it flat with one of the sides facing up.

You can use your chalk and freehand your heart or if that doesn’t work for you, you can use a stencil and trace a heart onto your beanie.

step 2
Using your Beads in a Bottle, fill in your heart with different sizes of dots.

To use Beads in a Bottle, it’s best to hold the tube straight up and down over your beanie, squeezing out the amount you want and moving on to the next one.

Don’t try to use it at an angle or you won’t end up with round bead looking drops.

Make the outline of your heart first to give you a clean shape to work with and then fill in the center.

Let dry.

They will spread out a bit losing any pointy tops, but note if your drops are too close together they can blend together. However, after they dry they do shrink up to give them that bead look, as you can see in this photo.

I went back in and added more drops of beads in a bottle to even much some of the ‘beads’ together.

step 3 
Before your Beads in a Bottle dry you can add a crystal into one or two of the drops for extra sparkle.

I added 3 crystals using one large and two of the medium crystals to add some extra sparkle

For more fabulous fashion DIY’s check out my blog Trinkets in Bloom!
Stay warm!


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