Friday, January 24

Peel & Stick Applique Jacket

Ask anyone who visits my house regularly - if you leave an article of clothing here, there's a good chance it may end up embellished. Such is the case with this jeans jacket. Its former owner was named Dan, and he was a temporary drummer in my husband's band about 10 years ago. He left this jeans jacket at our house. 

In my defense, I waited two years and he never came back, so that means I can have it right?

Hello, markers, fabric paint and glitter spray! I needed something hearty for the sleeves and back - so this is what I did...(click below to see the full tutorial)!

You will need fabric, non-stick scissors and a couple packs of Aleene's® Fabric Fusion® Peel & Stick Sheets™ 

NOTE: I used "Las Senoritas" fabric by Alexander Henry and "Loteria" - you can find sellers on eBay or Etsy who sell this fabric by the yard.

Cut your fabric pieces and peel off the backing of one of the sheets and place it on the back of the fabric. Rub in place. 

You may have to use two sheets to cover a big area.

Now peel away the other backing and press in place on the fabric.

I added elbow patches and trimmed them with Tulip Fabric Markers!

I feel like my jacket is coming to life. I hope Dan never comes back asking for it, lol!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic jacket.

Anonymous said...

This jacket is beautiful. You did a wonderful job.

girl_cousin said...


He Is Crafty said...

Wow...this looks great!! I wasn't aware of the Peel and Stick sheets. Thanks for sharing! Always a joy reading your posts!!

Love, light and sparkles!

Cattastroficka said...

I love this! I never knew about the Peel and Sticks either and will have to look for them. I decorate jean jackets too, I posted pics of them in July 2013 on my blog. The subject is :Some of what I do. I hope you take a looksee! I think you'll like them and I hope they give you some ideas too. I'm going to add your blog to my blog list and take the next few hours perusing it. LOL

Unknown said...

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