Thursday, February 6

How to make Heart Cups

Wahoo! It's almost that time to celebrate "Valentine's Day". I can't say I am a huge fan of this holiday BUT I am a huge fan of HEARTS! There is something whimsical when it comes to hearts don't you agree. Today I will show you how to make fabric heart cups. These can be used for a special occasion, birthday party, holiday gift or just to sip on yourself. The ideas are endless! If you are a heart fan make sure to check out my Glittered Heart Napkins I made a few weeks ago. 

Let's go make some heart cups, y'all! 

What you'll need:
The colors of these fabric marker's make me smile from ear to ear. I am sure it's because they are NEON. I fall in love with everything NEON. 
1. The first thing you will do is get a fabric marker closest to the fabric you are using. Freehand a HEART shape on it.
Next grab a pair of scissors and cut the HEART out. 
3. Hold the heart cutouts in your hand and kiss them, hehe. 

These fabric sheets are pretty amazing to craft with. Peel one of the sheets then stick your fabric on it. Press firm then cut shape out. Last thing you do is peel the thin layer of paper from the back of fabric. Time to stick where you want! I love these because they can go on practically anything. Glass, phone cases, shirts or jeans! Endless! 
The colors of the dimensional paint I used are : Lectric Lime, Bright Teal and Poppin Purple. 
I wanted a small candy dish to put out when I drink from these cups so I wrapped some fabric around a small glass candle holder (I put fabric fusion on the back). I left the fabric a little long on the bottom so I could make fringes. Just cut strips with your scissors. 
Once you place your fabric hearts on the cups add dots around them with your dimensional paint. It's really that simple! Make sure you allow them to dry over night before using. When cleaning I would gently hand wash them. 
How precious are these babies!
I hope you enjoyed this fun tutorial! See you in the next post!
 Huge glittery hugs, JADE
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