Monday, April 14

Hex Nut Cuff DIY

Create a cool honeycomb design on a cuff using hex nuts with this hardware store inspired Hex Nut Cuff DIY tutorial. Turn up the chic factor even more by adding Tulip glam-it-up crystals to the centers of some of the hex nuts. 


Hex nuts (I used size #10-32)
Metal cuff

step 1
If your cuff is a little large or needs adjusting make sure you do this before adding your hex nuts.

For a metal cuff you can do this by squeezing the cuff to fit your wrist or pulling it open a bit.

Once all the hex nuts are glued to your cuff it will be difficult to adjust it.

step 2
I added my hex nuts in a bit of a random pattern to my cuff, the design is up to you. 

Aleene’s Super Gel comes with a little brush to apply the glue (this is really handy), brush the glue directly onto your cuff.

I recommend adding only enough glue for one hex nut at a time.

The glue will dry very quickly.

Continue adding hex nuts until you have the design you want.

step 3
After you’ve added all your hex nuts you can add some crystals.

Brush the glue on to the center of the hex nut where you want to add your crystal and place the crystal into the center of the hex nut.

I added a few random crystals to my hex nuts.

For more DIY bracelet ideas check out my bracelet page at Trinkets in Bloom.


Laura Plack said...

Such a cute and unique bracelet design, Cathy! From,

That Girl Ang said...

Love! ♡

WobiSobi said...


Cindy Wilson said...

Fabulous! That hex nut cuff definitely looks chic and stylish! From the looks of it, it's very easy to make too. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and inspiration. Lots of love!

Cindy Wilson @ Dream Time Creations

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