Tuesday, June 3

Easy Geo Canvas Art

With geometric patterns popping up in clothing and home decor, it seemed a geo canvas art tutorial was just the ticket for today's post. The process is simple and the results stunning!

For this project you will need:
Art Canvas

Some time ago I gave my sister some fabric that is pre-printed like a big ol' coloring book page. I also gave her a package of trusty Tulip Fabric Markers to color said fabric. My last visit I was surprised to find that her family now uses the Tulip Fabric Markers for EVERYTHING. It's pretty convenient that they can go from paper to fabric to canvas without having tons and tons of markers taking up the craft closet. But moving on...

Canvases can be found at big box stores and craft stores and come in lots and lots of sizes. These canvases are 8x10 and ran about $7 for two. Not bad!

Since I was working with children I drew the patterns for them to hand color themselves. To make a herringbone/chevron type of pattern simply draw vertical lines down the canvas equally distant from one another. Measure and mark out two inches (or any other number) down the canvas on every other line. On the rest of the lines measure out your two inches but start one inch down from the top of the canvas. The result will be staggered marks on the lines.

Using a ruler, connect the marks from the lines and bing, bang, boom! You have a pattern all ready to get some color added in!

Now, the kids I had acquired for this project became more interested in my iPad so I had to color in these bad boys myself. No big because it was a lot of fun!

Choose a handful of colors and color in the shapes. You can plan out a pattern or select your areas to color randomly.

When colored take a black marker and trace the lines and fill in any left over spaces.

Choose a pattern and randomly use it on your colored areas. I went for simple, vertical lines.

Color the edge black to finish this guy up!

For the younger kid we made a geometric ice cream cone (an fantastic idea by one Miss Alexa here at iLTC!). Simply draw out the basic shape of an ice cream cone in short lines to get the geometric look. Connect the lines to make squares and triangles inside of the shape to color in.

Color as desired...

And trace the shapes with a black marker to finish.

Feel free to add any kind of embellishment to the background. Some doodles would be awesome but little one was into the stark white background so that's how it stayed!

As far as I'm concerned, this guy is the star of the show! I LOVE how it turned out and am considering making my own!

And those black edges give it such a mod look. Super love! What do you think? Will you be knocking out your own canvas art?

Check out more lovely project and DIY tutorials at my blog Dream a Little Bigger! See you again soon!

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