Saturday, July 5

How to: Make Frida-Style Braids

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite artists: Frida Kahlo. I've been wanting to post this tutorial for awhile now, and the occasion of her birth is the perfect opportunity. Here's a simply way to dress up your hair using an old T-shirt, tie-dye, and scissors. But first, some images of those inspiring braids from the queen of the Mexican art scene, who would be turning 107 if she were alive today...

Frida inspiration
What you need:
-Plain T-shirt (size M or larger)
-Hair elastics
-Bobby pins
Lay the T-shirt flat. Cut across the T-shirt in three places: across the bottom hem (just above the stitches), across the chest (just below the sleeves), and across the middle of the shirt between the two previous cuts.
Remove the top piece and the bottom hem, leaving two matching tubes of fabric. Cut through each tube vertically to create two long pieces of fabric.
Fold the two strips in half, bundle them together, and wrap the rubber bands from the tie-dye kit at even intervals along the bundle.
Add water to the dye bottles (I chose red and purple), allow them to dissolve completely, and squeeze them on alternating sections of fabric.
Apply the dye generously for a colorful, saturated look. Let it sit overnight in a zip-top bag to let the dye soak in completely.
Remove the rubber bands, rinse and wring out the pieces of fabric, and let them dry.
Before you begin, brush and comb the hair well. Use the comb to part the hair down the middle. Hold one section of hair out of the way with an elastic or clip while you work with the other section.
Fold one of the fabric strips in half and drape it underneath the working section. Split it into three sections, holding one half of the fabric strip in each of the side sections.
Braid the hair, bringing alternating side sections into the center, and keeping the fabric pieces taut and grouped with their respective hair sections.
Do your best to wrap the sections of hair so the fabric falls on the outside of the braid so it is as visible as possible.
Continue braiding until the sections of hair  can no longer be braided, and tie of the end of the braid with a hair elastic. Let the fabric ends hang free.FridaStep7
Repeat with the second fabric strip on the opposite side.
Tie off the second braid so the braids match in length.
One at a time, wrap each braid up around the head. Secure with bobby pins throughout the braid for reinforcement.
Tuck the ends of the braids under each other and secure with bobby pins. You will be left with the trailing ends of the fabric on each side.
Twist two of the ends of fabric (from the end of one braid) together in a rope until it coils in on itself. Tuck the ends through the center of the coil to make an abstract flower shape.
Repeat with the fabric ends on the opposite side.
They should obscure the hair elastics at the end of the braids.
Arrange the "flowers" as necessary.
To really commit to the look, accessorize with some silver chandelier earrings, an embroidered cotton top, and fresh flowers and other foliage.

Head over to our TIE DYE YOUR SUMMER site for even more inspiration, how-to's, and fun videos to get you mega-inspired for some DIY summer fun!


Clara Sais said...

That's lovely! Thank you for the tutorial!

meeshel lopez said...

You made it soo easy!!!

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