Sunday, July 6

Abstract Drip Dye T-shirt

I love when summer tie dye season rolls around, cause I'm always bursting at the seams with new ideas with our Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye!  I love coming up with fun new ways to use it!  This technique is very Jackson Pollack-inspired!  I absolutely love making my own abstract art on canvases, so I just transferred that idea to a shirt and I love the results, don't you? Here's how you can make your very own!

What you need:
Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit (I used the "Vibrant' 3-pack kit)
– Gildan white 100% cotton t-shirt
– Plastic table covers/trash bags

 Before you begin:  Part of the fun of this technique is you don't have to wet your fabric like you do with traditional techniques.  Simply lay the shirt on the ground or on a plastic surface cover if you want to catch the mess.
OK, let's get this party started!  With your feet planted solidly right in front of your shirt, start squeezing and squirting on your dye up and down on the front of your shirt.  I promise, the more you do this, the better "hand" you'll get for it.  The fun of tie dye is the randomness, so if you think you made a mistake, it will just add to the abstractness of the overall design!
 Continue going up and down over the right side of the shirt until you are hapy with your design!
Now go up and down over the middle of the shirt with the yellow dye! Where the yellow
 dye meets the red dye, the color will blend to orange.
 Now add blue, your final dye color!  Loving the green it made when it touched the yellow!
Finally, go back in and add any more dye you think needs to be filled in on the shirt! 

Place the shirt flat inside a trash bag and let it sit for 6-8 hours. After the dye is done setting, wash out all the dye until the water runs clear. Wash and dry the shirt by itself (only unless you are dyeing more tie dye items with it). 

Here's a closer view of the finished shirt. As you can tell, the coloring is different than the way it look when applied.  I love that the colors blended together!
And if you're curious, my colors did not bleed to the back of my shirt.  You can always turn the shirt over and do the back if you want as well!  It's your choice.

Head over to our TIE DYE YOUR SUMMER site for even more inspiration, how-to's, and fun videos to get you mega-inspired for some DIY summer fun! 

Happy Dyeing or should I say DIY-ing? –Alexa


Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Looks fab! If you wanted to be doubly sure there was no bleed to the back, you could cut an insert of cardboard or something stiff to keep them separated. This would also make the shirt easy to move flat, and that would be convenient if you were doing several at once.

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