Wednesday, October 1

DIY Glow In The Dark Pumpkins

It's almost Halloween and you know what that means!!! TIME FOR PUMPKINS! 
Every year I look forward to buying tons of plastic pumpkins and create new designs. I like the artificial pumpkins for the simple fact that they will last forever, well not really but you get the point. 
Tulip created an amazing glow in the dark paint and it worked perfect for this project. This craft is great for kids to do and you will watch the amazement on their face when you put them under or near a black light! Let's get started! Come check out my other awesome Halloween projects on my blog  I also did these awesome pumpkin projects!

Update: Since this glow pumpkin was posted, it's become the most popular post on our blog! YAY! 
Come check out all of my Halloween and Fall crafts!!! 

You will need:
*Plastic Pumpkins

I couldn't just use one particular color for this project so I used all of them! I figured when they are not under a black light they will still look fabulous and chic! 
Step One: Grab your neon paint and start at the top of the pumpkin drawing thin, squiggly lines up and down. You can go to the middle of the pumpkin with the lines or go to the very bottom. It's completely up to you. I wanted to make it look like the lines were dripping down on the first pumpkin. 
Step Two: Grab your next color and start adding it right next to your first color. You will repeat this process until your pumpkin is filled in. I like to leave a few white sections showing on my pumpkins to add some negative space. 
For the other two pumpkins I added dots using the bottle of paint. For this one I wanted to create a candy button design.

For the next design I drew abstract squares on top of each other. I wanted it to look very geometric. 
You can even paint the stem of your pumping to add some flare to it!
Time for the action! Putting them to the actual test, under a black light. I am so pleases with how they came out. This Glow in the Dark paint is magnificent! I love how each color lights up differently. 
I think the green paint is my favorite. To me, it actually shows up the best under a black light. 
They look so yummy I want to eat them! Just have fun with your designs because anything will look great once it's lit up! 
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I can't wait to see what you create for Halloween! Don't forget to tag us with #ilovetocreate on any social media site!

  Huge glittery hugs, JADERBOMB
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Anonymous said...

Do these paints glow in the dark without a black light?

ilovetocreate said...

They do stay charged for a long time without the black light. The black light is the best way to charge them because of the UV light.

Shannon said...

How FUN are THESE?! I would love to make these with my nieces and then charge 'em and let them light up the party in their closet under the stairs. :)

Jaderbomb said...

Thanks Shannon! They are super fun to make!

Jennifer Wheelis said...

How do u charge them up?

Anonymous said...

Will it stay lit the entire Halloween night?

Jaderbomb said...

Jennifer, you can charge them using normal light or get them really charged by putting them near a black light!
Glad you liked them! jade

Jaderbomb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

If they are outside during the day, will the sunlight charge them up for the evening, as well? They are super-cute...can't wait to do this with my kids!

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the plastic pumpkins? really nice idea!

Kelli Allen said...

Can you just paint a real pumpkin white, and then use glow in the dark paint?

Tami Sperr said...

Does the pumpkin have to be white? Can you use an orange one?

Jaderbomb said...

Sunlight does charge them!

Jaderbomb said...

Tami - You can use any color I just thought the white made the paint show up better!

Jaderbomb said...

Kelli, you can absolutely paint your pumpkin white!

Jaderbomb said...

At Michaels! Thanks so much!

Waiping said...

Do you recommend a brand of blacklight?

janice kovachevich said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

"I buy tons of plastic pumpkins'. Very sorry Mother Earth... Please forgive us.

jacqualin mikic said...

Thanks for the creative craft idea and sharing it

Anonymous said...

Where do you get the black lights?

Terri said...

Walmart has black lights in the lighting section

janice kovachevich said...

Where do you buy the tons of plastic pumpkins????

Vivian said...

I am so doing this with my 4yr. old grandson! I am going to buy black light light bulbs and put them in my porch lights all around my house! Hope it works!
Thanks for the DIY

Lorrie Bowers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Thank you the idea. This will be a great 'party favor' for my daughter's birthday/Halloween party this year!

Anonymous said...

Does hobby lobby have these glow in dark paint?

Rhonda said...

I have made these with Glow paints and Glow spray that is sprayed over the whole pumpkin when finished. Either works equally well.

Laura Prascher said...

These are adorable! Just wanted to let you know that I linked to this post in my roundup of no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas. Thanks for sharing!!

Kasie Schuitman said...

Do you have to put the white paint down first before you put the other colors on? I got a package and took it as the white bottle of paint is what males the rest of the colors glow. Is that right or no?

Jaderbomb said...

You can use a black light or put them in the sun for a bit!

Jaderbomb said...

I honestly just bought some black lights from a light store here. I am not familiar with different brands! But any black light is good for it!

Jaderbomb said...

Janice! I got mine at Michaels! Hurry because they are 50% off right now!

Jaderbomb said...

You are very welcome! Glad you enjoyed it!

Jaderbomb said...

You can get black lights from Lowe's or Home Depot! Also, check light stores! Jade

Jaderbomb said...

Vivian that is awesome!!!! Please send us pics so we can post them and share with the world! X, Jade

Jaderbomb said...

Kassie, I actually bought these white from Michaels! But if you have to paint it white do that first then when it's dry put the neon paint! Jade

Jaderbomb said...

Thanks Laura!!! -Jade

Anonymous said...

How long does the paint take to dry? I was thinking of doing this for my daughter's class party, but I wouldn't want the kids to have to take the pumpkins home if the paint was still wet. Thanks! Super cute. ;)

janice kovachevich said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I got one at the grocery store, in the Halloween isle.

Anonymous said...

Just an fyi, I put a black light in my patio light, and it didn't illuminate very well, but you can definitely try it that way.

Nagy Rita said...

what if i make it with real pumpkin? because here i could not find plastic one:(

Anonymous said...

Hey...look at Mom's Got Ink on FB. She stole your photos from this post and used them without giving credit or links...

Caroline Kusch said...

Wow, that`s just a fantastic idea! Would love to try that out :)

shauna55 said...

Question: I'm thinking of doing these with a group of about 12 girls. How was the longevity of the glow paint? Did you just use one pack of it? I'm trying to gauge how much of it to buy.......

Anonymous said...

Will this wash off in the rain?

Anonymous said...

Can u use a real pumpkin

Anonymous said...

Yes they do have glow in the dark paint by Anita's Craft Paint. 2 fl. oz. for $1.17. 5 different colors.

Anonymous said...

I doubt it would actually work most DIYs Dont work

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Anonymous said...

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johan32 said...

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Infected rook piercing symptoms said...

Unique idea- I don't think I've seen anyone do that before with pumpkins

Christy Parmenter said...

Would you have ever expected to get the bazillion questions you got here?!? I started out laughing at such questions as I scrolled, then I started thinking,sheesh people, have some common sense!! Love the pumpkins, by the way!!!

Christina @ There's Just One Mommy said...

These look amazing!
What a fun way to decorate pumpkins for the trick or treaters to enjoy.

Unknown said...

can you use a real pumpkin too?

Jacqueline said...

I was also going to ask what the last commenter asked -- if this works with a real pumpkin?

Anonymous said...

anybody know where I could get the white plastic pumpkins in the UK? I'd love to make these with my daycare children!

Anonymous said...

I am going to paint the pumpkins white then tape the glow Sticks down each crease on the pumpkins then add more sticks to them!!!!!

Tiffany Bradshaw said...

Can it be charged via sun light outside??

Tiffany Bradshaw said...

Can it be charged via sun light outside??

Anonymous said...

We grow white pumpkins also. Then you wouldn't have to paint them white.

Audrey Betts said...
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Does this paint work on real pumpkins???

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