Monday, January 12

Watercolor DIY Bracelets

The fashion and design world is in love with candy colors right now and so am I! These Watercolor DIY Bracelets are super fun and fast to make and will definitely add a pop of candy color to your arm candy! (How many times can you say candy?! Whew!) I love working with the Tulip Dual-Tip Fabric Markers, the brush tip really lets you add a lot of color and it’s perfect for creating this watercolor effect. So let’s get started!

Macrame cord
Rhinestones or other embellishments (optional)

step 1
Starting with your macrame cord, make a loop and tie a knot around the cord to make a circle.

step 2
Measure your cord around your circle and cut a little extra (just in case), tie another knot on the other side of the circle.

These knots will slide to make your bracelet larger or smaller to fit your wrist.

step 3
The fun part!

Using the “brush tip” side of your fabric markers color sections of your cord.

While your marker is still wet on your cord use your paintbrush with a little water on it to blend the marker. This will give it the watercolor effect.

Work in small sections and be careful when mixing your colors so they don’t get too muddy.

You will also want to work a little quickly as the fabric markers can dry pretty fast and once they’re dry you won’t be able to blend them with water.

Let your bracelets dry.

step 4
You can either leave your bracelets this way with just the color or you can glue some rhinestones, glitter, dabs of dimensional paint, anything you like onto your bracelets to add a little extra bling if you want.

If you're not ready to make it now, Pin it for later!

To see more fun fashion DIY’s check out my blog Trinkets in Bloom!



Andrea Hunter said...

Just saw these on them! Definitely making these with my daughter. Thanks for sharing!

Moyer Fine Jewelers said...

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could make your own jewelry that is unique? When you create your own jewelry, you can use different medias from paper, beads to leather and feathers.

Jewelry Couture said...

These bracelets are utterly gorgeous. I was literally blown away by how beautiful they where. For the price, they are 100% worth every penny. The Infinity bracelet can be found jewelry couture.

Unknown said...

It's totally simple and ordinary bracelet. you can make it at your home. You don't have to huge money to make this bracelet. You can make and design it as your wish. So let's try it.

Jual Grosir Gelang Handmade | Gelang Unik | Gelang Batu Etnik Manik said...

What a wonderful DIY trick! I think I want to make some soon at home. Keep spreading good vibe, xoxoxo

Unknown said...

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