Wednesday, February 11

Puffy Paint Monogram Storage

I have totally fallen for the Monogram trend. I just want to put my initials on everything! I made this supper cool Monogram storage tote for my friend using some Puffy Paint and her initial that I printed from my computer using word art. It was so easy! 
Here is what you will need:
a denim or fabric storage bin 
Word Art letter (printed and cut out) 

Step 1: Using the Clear Gell Tacky Glue, wrap ribbon around the bin near the top. Layer 2 different ribbons for more visual appeal. 

Step 2: Place the cut out word art letter in the middle of the storage bin. If you are worried about it moving you can adhere it down with repositionable adhesive. Take the puffy paint along the outside of the letter. Add more dots closer to the letter and less as you move outwards. Then remove the paper letter. 

Step 3: Cut the ribbons into about 6 inch strips and tie and tie them around the handles. You can add a few or cover the entire thing like I did. This adds such a fun twist! 

It was so easy to make, but the results are awesome! Personalization is everything these days! This would be such a cute basket for a gift too, that they can then use as storage in their room! It is perfect to store all of those random knick knacks in a stylish way! 


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