Friday, April 17

Appliqué Tote

What do you do when you are an appliqué hoarder? You shut it down, that's what you do! But, what happens when you love all of those appliqués? That was my dilemma with my fabric stash and appliqués. I decided instead of tossing them I would glue them all on one tote bag! It created one bright bold statement that really represents my personality! I'm really happy I tried this idea! You just have to use Aleene's fabric fusion and put on some fun music and enjoy the therapeutic process of choosing designs and gluing them down.

See below to see how I did it!


Aleene's Fabric Fusion permanent adhesive
One prewashed canvas tote
Assorted fabric appliqués
One piece of freezer paper to put between the layers of the tote


Iron the tote bag so that it is nice and flat. Then set out all of your appliqués and place them on the tote in different arrangements. When you get in arrangement that you like, you are ready to glue!

Make sure to put the freezer paper inside the tote bag in case there is any glue seepage. You don't want to glue the two layers of the bag together!

Here is a tip on configuring the layout. Separate your appliqués by size. You will want to first affix the larger appliqués, and then fill in with the smaller appliqués. This will create volume and feel negative space.

If you want you can add some sparkle by incorporating fabric glitter puffy paint or crystals!

If you use letter appliqués then you can spell out favorite words too!

For heavier thicker appliqués make sure to add a thicker layer of glue and you may want to set a weight on top of it so that it bonds nice and evenly.


Let it dry for one hour and you are ready to use your tote!

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