Tuesday, April 21

Zentangle® Sneakers

If you're crafty I'm sure you've heard of Zentangle®. I spent the longest time, and I do mean LONGEST trying to resist the doodling fad. But one day I decided to borrow a book from the library when I couldn't find anything else I wanted to take home. 

I got after it wit a piece of pink construction paper and my purple glitter pen. It looked like a tween was working it but it was so much fun. That was 1 week ago. And now I'm obsessed with two different notebooks and a good gazillion black markers to doodle my Zentangles® with. It seemed only  natural that I'd get after a pair of sneakers before too long. I held out 7 whole days!

For this project all you need are some black Tulip Fabric Markers and a pair of kicks.

These are my plain, just less than 6 bucks slip on canvas sneakers. You can get them at super stores for super cheap. Look on eBay for some great deals, too.

When starting a Zentangle® you create your outlines that you doodle within. I decided that I wanted my tangles to spread from one shoe onto the other. So when looking down, it looks like the pattern creeps across both feet.

Within each drawn off section start drawing in a pattern. There are tons and tons of patterns to imitate from books you can borrow for free from the library, or do a quick Google search. You can always freehand it, too if you're already a talented doodler!

Most of the Zentangles® I have seen are straight up black and white and that's how I worked it. There are also tangles with shades of gray and even bright colors. Work it the way you feel like using colored markers, fabric paint or even tie dye!

Create different patterns within the different sections you have created.

And if they hop over to the other shoe keep it going!

And just know that I am just now seeing that weird circle in the middle of my pattern for no good reason on the left shoe. For no good reason, either! But I didn't notice until now so I'm not going to get my knickers in a twist over it!

Keep going until your shoes are fully covered. Since the edging and elastic is difficult to draw on I just left them white and went on about my business..

I love these shoes and really wanted to wear them today SO badly but they're getting a spray or two of Scotch Guard before that happens!

I love how my patterns go across both shoes. LOVE!

And since they're black and white they will go with tons and tons of my outfits perfectly well!

So have you tangled yet? If you even like to doodle just a little bit, I have a feeling you're going to get into it so hard that you want to Zentangle® a pair of sneakers too!


Amaryllis - Ohoh deco said...

I love this black & white pattern! I think I'll walk all the time looking at my feet!

Manmeet Bhatia said...

Love the pair of shoes..Nice looking design..SO impressive sneakers.
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culinary girl14 said...

It looks awesome i'm going to try it for an art project

Linda Eg said...

Looks great, just bought some white sneakers, now i just need a fabric pen and some coating ;-)

Unknown said...

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