Monday, September 28

DIY Embellished Appliqués

This fall it’s all about embellishment and it’s super easy to create your own personalized Embellished Appliqués to add to a bag, a jacket or really anywhere you want using Tulip’s Dimensional Paint. This paint is so awesome, it comes in so many colors and it looks great after it’s dry. You can even add extra embellishments to it like; beads, sequins or glitter to up the wow factor! Let’s get started!

Clutch or surface to work on
Embellishments (beads, paillettes, pearls, etc.)
Freezer paper (optional)
Glue (optional)
Pin backs (optional)

There are two ways to make this; the first way is to paint directly onto your surface. The second way, if you’re not totally sure what and where you want your doodles you can create them on freezer paper and then glue them onto your bag or glue pin backs onto them to attach them.

step 1 (The first way.)
Using your dimensional paint draw your designs onto your surface.

You can build up your designs using color.

step 2
Before your designs are dry you can press a bead or pearl into them or sprinkle with glitter.

I added paillettes to this one to create a flower.

Let dry.

step 3 (The second way.)
Using your dimensional paint draw your designs onto your freezer paper.

You can create your designs the same way you would if you were drawing them on your surface.

Let them dry.

Drying times can be a little longer than expected, especially on the freezer paper, but it’s important to make sure your design is completely dry before you take it off the freezer paper.

step 4
To attach your designs to your surface you can glue them directly on. (That’s what I did for the flower with paillettes, it seems to hold them flatter.)

This way works best for larger or thinner designs.

Or, you can glue a pin back to the back of your design and attach it to your surface that way.

This really works best for smaller designs or if you don't want them permanent.

How will you design your appliques? Leave us a comment and let us know!

To see more fun fashion DIYS be sure to check out my blog!



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