Monday, November 22

Softie Headband (with T-shirt Scraps!)

Yes, Thanksgiving is nearly here, but I'm already fast forwarding straight past the food coma to the holiday parties! And there is really nothing like a bit of proper party headgear to make a grand entrance. Bring in bright tones to battle the cold weather--or, ooh! add glitter to your project to really sparkle in the season!


-1"-wide T-shirt strips of varying lengths (in complementary shades)

-Aleene's Fabric Fusion Permanent Dry Cleanable Fabric Adhesive

-fabric scissors

-1 fabric-coated plain headband (preferably with a metal base)


-straight pins (optional)

Select one T-shirt strip (a T-shirt hem works well -- just cut off the stitching and stretch it out), squeeze a dab of Fabric Fusion on the inside end and fold it over on itself.

Gently squeeze more glue around the outside of the fold and coil more fabric into the glue.

Continue gluing and coiling until you have a 1" to 1.5" fabric disc. Then snip the end at an angle and apply a bit of extra Fabric Fusion to make sure it flattens against the edge of the disc.

Repeat to make seven to nine more discs! Optional: Use straight pins to keep the ends of the coils in place while they dry.

Arrange the discs in a pattern you like and glue them together where they touch. Let the panel dry.

Apply glue along the top edge of the headband and gently press the panel of coils against the headband.

Clip it in place with clothespins (so you don't have to hold it). Let it dry.

Wear it hair up or down!

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Ann said...

I could also see this being down with the weaving loops that kids make potholders out of

zeshuregi said...

its looking really smart...i think it will be more nice if you paste some felt piece at its back side...

Alisa said...

i think it will be more nice if you paste some felt piece at its back side...

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Fernanda Marinho said...

Amei a tiara.
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Me said...

Nice blog...attractive and good work by you ...i like it and appreciate you...keep it up ...good detail given by you.




bKacceSSorieS said...

what kind of fabric works best? i used cotton and it came out real thick

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