Wednesday, June 5

DIY Summertime Swirly Shoes

Hey everyone! It's SUMMERTIME! YAAAAAY! I found these cute kicks on clearance at Target for five bucks. (Score!) I LOVE the color, but since it's summertime I thought I'd make them pop even more by adding yarn swirls and gems. 

– Shoes
– Yarn
– Fabric Fusion
– Gem
– Cold Glass of lemonade (recommended!)
 Squeeze a quarter sized amount on to shoe. Pinch the end of yarn and apply it to the shoe. Next, simply wrap around in a spiral/swirl. Repeat until you get the look you want. I like the different sizes of circles that I ended up with!
Now add a little drop of glue in the center of each swirl and add a gem. You can do the matchy-matchy thing or add some contrast like I did.
I love my new shoes, they are so cute and are great for the beach or pool side parties! Now, where is that glass of lemonade??
Thanks for reading, I hope you liked my project! For more stuff, check out my Facebook page!


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